- FAA licensed Unmanned Aircraft System Pilot

- 8 year professional landscape and architectural photographer

- Traverse City area resident

- Graduate of The Photography institute, San Francisco, CA, with Degree in Photography

- Published by many nature magazines and websites

- Sold thousands of landscape images to individuals and businesses for personal and commercial use

Hello, I am Brian, owner of MI Fly Photo, and thanks for visiting the MI Fly Photo website! After getting a second degree in photography, I became a professional landscape photographer eight years ago, focusing primarily on Northern Michigan from Ludington up to the Upper Peninsula with an occasional trip out of state to Florida, the Rockies, and the Pacific Northwest.

After taking thousands of shots of shorelines, lakes, lighthouses, sunsets and more from the ground, I was ready for a new challenge, and it was right about the time that drones were taking off technologically. I made the jump into drone photography in early 2019, got a DJI Mavic II Pro, obtained my FAA Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft System License, and have loved every minute of it!

Aside from being a fun way to capture Michigan's landscapes, the results are stunning. Drone photography (more technically, "Unmanned Aircraft System" or "UAS" photography) is a whole new world -- a historic photographic advance on par with color film, digital photography, and the invention of Photoshop layers. Before drones, photographers had to stick to the ground or fly in airplanes at high speeds to get an aerial shot -- something costly, inefficient, and impractical. Drones have opened up a myriad of perspectives on every subject. Where photographers were once restricted to shooting landscapes at a shallow angle of only a few degrees relative to the subject, we can now shoot from anywhere along a 180 degree arc above the subject, revealing things from a perspective few have ever seen (or may have seen only from miles above in an airplane).

Now a quick note about how I get my shots. Unmanned Aircraft Systems are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration and I am a licensed UAS pilot subject to many regulations about when, where, and how I can fly. You will not see any images on this website that were taken in violation of these regulations. National parks, areas close to certain airports, and other restricted airspaces are strictly off limits. Although I would love to fly around Sleeping Bear Dunes or Yellowstone, it is not only illegal, but also a threat to wildlife and an annoyance to those trying to enjoy the space. If you are looking to purchase aerial landscape photos, please only patronize those who sell images taken in compliance with such regulations!

Anyway, enough of the soapbox. If you have any questions, click the "Contact" link above, and enjoy browsing this site. If you like something you see, maybe even make a purchase!

- Brian

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