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Mackinac Bridge Entrance


MI Fly Photo - Michigan Drone/Aerial Landscape Photography

Based in the Traverse City, Michigan area, MI Fly Photo specializes FAA Part 107-compliant aerial/drone landscape photography throughout Michigan. Drones give a perspective on Michigan's lakes, shorelines, lighthouses, forests, farms, and cities that few have ever seen, and few will forget. Each image on this website is available for purchase as a print, with many finishing options available, or as a digital download, with personal and commercial licenses available. When you find an image you like, just click the green "Buy" button to explore options.

The Latest . . .

5/27/19 - Happy Memorial Day! New images of the Boardman and Platte Rivers here.

5/21/19 - The cherry blossoms are starting to pop. Should be perfect in a few days. Check out some images here.

5/19/19 - There have been some great sunsets over the Frankfort pier and lighthouse in the last few weeks. Check them out here.

5/9/19 - New perspective on Arcadia, Michigan from the drone. Check out the shots here.

5/1/19 - What a weekend to fly! Check out the Mackinac Bridge from the sky here.

4/25/19 - Top ten Michigan drone photography locations here.

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